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Oculus Insights Canada began with a chance encounter. Drs. Glenn Armstrong and Mike Pownall met each other when they both were in the same Executive MBA class. It was very rare to have one veterinarian in an MBA class, let alone two of them. Both of them were veterinary practice owners and wanted to increase their business knowledge to improve their own practices.


Over the nearly two-year program, Glenn and Mike spent countless hours discussing the challenges and opportunities in the veterinary profession. By the end of the program, they were determined to use their veterinary background and business skills to help veterinary practices prosper.


They were joined by Glenn’s wife, Sue, a certified performance coach and Katie Ardeline, a certified human resource professional. Sue has worked one on one with veterinary professionals for years, helping them improve their professional satisfaction and Katie worked with Mike for several years as the operations manager for his practice. The four were later joined by Alyssa Rubenstein, our marketing expert.


Together we work with veterinary practices to help them discover what is holding them back from being where they want to be and putting in place a path towards success.

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