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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is defined as the degree to which employees feel dedicated to their employer, colleagues, and the culture of the company and the degree to which they are willing to go above and beyond in their roles. Often, there is something amiss with the company culture or employees are reluctant to give feedback which makes it hard to find where the discord is coming from.

The Employee Engagement Survey Package helps practices improve customer service and retention, reduce expensive employee turnover, improve efficiency, and in all ways improve a company’s bottom line.


While management and ownership generally have some idea as to what the challenges are, this survey and the information gleaned in the subsequent one-on-one meetings dive deep into the key dimensions of Employee Engagement and gives us an accurate picture of the current culture of the practice from the point of view of the staff, allowing us to help plan and implement human resources initiatives to help build and solidify the practice’s culture and communication skills.

Results are shared with practice management/ownership, and actionable suggestions are made depending on which areas of the survey have been identified as needing attention.

Our Employee Engagement Survey Package Includes:

The administration of the 32-question proprietary survey

One-on-one interviews between each staff member and the Oculus Insights HR Specialist via Zoom

Full analysis, with the final report presented to management in a confidential meeting

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