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Colleagues Working in Office

Full Human Resources Program

Our Full Human Resources Implementation Package helps leaders and managers with accountability while building a strategic HR program. 

Oculus will work very closely with practice Ownership, Management, and staff to create a custom HR program that reflects the mission and values of the practice. The purpose of this program is to increase Employee Engagement and Satisfaction, which will, in turn, improve customer service and loyalty, and ultimately, increase positive patient outcomes. Oculus aims to build and train practice management to carry on the HR program once our initial engagement is complete.

More Information on What's Included

Colleagues Working in Office

HR Assesment

  • Employee Engagement (“EE”)

  • Survey Administration

  • Employee Interviews with Oculus Staff

  • EE Report Preparation

  • Report Presentation to Management

  • Agreement on Next Steps and immediate Timelines

Determination of HR Fundamentals (soft)

  • Decide on Mission and Vision

  • Determine Core Values and Core Competencies

Office Meeting
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Determination of HR Fundamentals (hard)

  • Develop Employee Manual and Policies

  • Ensure practice is compliant with HR-related legislation

  •  Determine Code of Conduct

  • Job Descriptions, if needed

  • Put together Pay Ranges/Increase Grid

Employee Review Process

  • Determine Strategy (what Employees are reviewed on)

  • Complete Core Competency Rating Guide

  • Construct Review Documents

  • Train Staff on Self and Peer Reviews

  • Staff to complete Peer and Self Reviews

  • Manager/Oculus Completion of Manager Reviews

  • Manager Review Meeting Assistance, if required

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Ongoing Performance Management/Goals

  • Management and Employee training on SMART Goal Setting

  • Check-ins every 4-6 weeks

  • Issues addressed as they arise

Executive Coaching

  • One-on-One Coaching of 3 Key Management and/or Staff with Executive Coach (3 sessions per staff member – 9 sessions total included in the package)

  • Ongoing general day-to-day coaching and development of Operations Manager/Other Management staff

Hospital Staff

Other Staff Training Program Workshops

  • Difficult Conversations

  • Effective Communication


  • New Hire Checklist

  • Assist in the development of Job Postings

  • Develop customized interview Process – interview questions tied to Core Values/Competencies

  • New Staff Orientation/Onboarding Program Design

  • Assist hospital management in recruitment and selection activities

  • Consult and participate in termination meetings as required

Team work

Training Program

  • Work with management/team leaders to facilitate the development of training paths for hospital positions using Job Descriptions, Management and Employee input

Phone Consultation

  • Oculus staff available for phone consultations to talk through HR issues for the duration of the contract

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