Glenn Armstrong

After 20 years of mixed animal practice as a veterinarian and owner, the downturn in veterinary practice in 2010 had me looking for solutions. I was frustrated with the lack of control over business outcomes and the lack of tools available to plan and organize. I was uncomfortable being at the whim of the economy. I wanted the ability to have a proactive impact on my practice. I was looking for further education and a challenge. I decided on an MBA at the Ivey Business School, Western.


The program opened a whole new world of opportunities and tools that could be taken from other businesses and applied to veterinary medicine. Yes, we can actually use business knowledge and theories to run a veterinary practice, create a strategy, formulate plans and create responsive human resources systems. The end goal of my plans was to have a practice that reflected the additive, sustainable impact of multiple initiatives and be able to leave my practice for short periods and have it run smoothly without me.


 My original attraction to the industry was being able to combine medicine, science and economics all in the same career. The joy of practice ended up being able to help producers lead more rewarding careers and my ability to have a real positive impact on animal health and welfare. As it turns out, people were the key to all my goals. We all start to be animal well-being advocates. To pursue that end we also need to be people well-being advocates. My passion now lies in helping people help people.

Areas of Expertise & Interest

  • Strategy development

  • Long term planning, goal setting and execution

  • Employee engagement

  • Opportunity identification and business planning for economic improvement

  • Ownership negotiations and mediation


My purpose is to help make veterinary medicine a desired career people are proud to be a part of. 

Why are you interested in your areas of expertise?

I want to empower veterinarians and managers, provide tools and help people implement plans that will increase the enjoyment of their work both financially and personally.


Why are you involved in Oculus?

To further visions and goals, it helps to have momentum from other like-minded people that share your values. I chose to align myself with Oculus due to their proven track record, their commitment to the industry and their independent, out of the box thinking.


What has been your most satisfying day or event working with a client?

Being able to help create a practical exit strategy and creating a plan to help the practitioner move towards her career and personal goals. Her response of “thankyou, thankyou, thankyou” was truly rewarding.


What do you wish most veterinary practices would start doing?

Start a planning process with a consultation to utilize staff expertise. Decide what you stand for, what you want and where you want to go. This would provide a starting point for a plan.


What do you wish most veterinary practices would stop doing?

Stop ignoring economic and human resources issues because they may require work to solve.


What do you do to relax?

I enjoy playing squash as it requires the complete focus of the task at hand. I enjoy spending time outside in nature with my family.


What is a secret skill you have?

Through an atmosphere of humour, I help people address their business concerns by removing any fear they might have.