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With fast-paced veterinary practices, it’s hard to find the time to ensure all Human Resource (HR) systems are implemented properly and systematically. It can be hard to know what legislation and employment standards are required. Our in-depth HR Audit ensures you are informed of employment legislation while keeping your practice out of potentially costly and undesirable situations.

Human Resources Audit

Human Resources Audit Package Inclusions

The HR Audit package looks at all HR-based areas of the clinic’s operations and compares them to currently accepted best practices or governmental legislation, depending on the area of focus. Suggestions for remedying any deficiencies will be made in a final report, which will be discussed with ownership and management. A brief anonymous online staff survey is also conducted which helps practices recognize where they are doing well, and where they can improve from the employees’ perspective.

Once the Audit is complete, a final written report will be created, which includes recommendations for remedying any deficiencies. The report will be presented and discussed with ownership and management. Oculus Insights can be contracted to assist with fulfilling any of the recommendations that have been made.

Areas That Will Be Assessed

General HR Policy
Based on the policies outlined in the Employee Handbook

Job Descriptions

Health & Dental Benefits Program

Hiring, Onboarding & Training Procedures 

Wage and Salary Administration

Health & Safety Program and Practices 

Employment Contracts

Performance Management Program
Including a Disciplinary Program

Communication Practices within the Clinic 

Employee Files

Brief Culture Audit
A short anonymous pulse survey with comments to assess employees’ general attitudes toward the company’s culture and HR practices.

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