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One of the hardest choices a veterinary practice makes is how to price its services. They usually choose to do one of the following when setting prices:

  • Charge what the competition is charging

  • Raise fees by a set percentage once or twice a year

  • Guess

Businesses that have a systemic approach to determine prices are far more profitable than those that rely on these options. Good pricing ensures that clients receive value for the service they buy while giving more profit to the business. Good pricing encourages client behaviour that benefits the client, their pet and the business.


The Oculus Insights Pricing System is based upon understanding the true cost of delivering a service and understanding what your clients value in animal health care.

Our system offers the following:

  • Review of current prices

  • Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing to understand the true cost of the delivery of professional services

  • Costing of services based upon the facility and overhead costs

  • A worksheet to price services at an appropriate profit margin

  • Pricing guidelines based on perceived customer value of the service

  • Communication suggestions for staff and clients

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Your business will also receive peace of mind from:

  • A clear understanding of how much it costs to offer specific services

  • A system to help your staff understand why you charge what you do

  • The ability to raise prices without upsetting clients

  • More effective use of veterinary and staff time


The benefit of a pricing system is not only that your business is more profitable, but you have happier clients and healthier pets.

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