Sue Armstrong

My greatest achievement to date is my marriage and family. I have been married to Dr. Glenn Armstrong for 27 years and in a relationship with him for 38. Many of those years have been blissfully easy. I am most proud of the ones where we struggled, stayed committed loved and grew our way through the challenges. We have two amazing bright, self-aware sons. These men keep me centred and grounded.   

I spent the bulk of my professional life as a career salesperson in the Consumer-Packaged Goods Industry. I was always in the perishable food sector. It was fast-paced, high-pressure and a constant crisis…I thrived there. I am unashamed to say I was damn good. After 20 years, I was depleted. I left the industry burnt out. I struggled with my identity, my worth and my value. What was next?

After a lot of soul searching and personal “work” I decided that my next chapter of career life needed to be in service of something bigger than “She sold a lot of cheese.” I took a Coaching course, it resonated. This is how I wanted to show up in this world. I completed my Coaching Certification with the Coaches Training Institute and started Personal Innovations Coaching. Five years later, I joined Oculus Insights. I work with bright talented amazing people including executives, doctors, and business owners. I help clients uncover what is holding them back from living fully into their lives (all aspects, family, relationships, and careers) by helping them live on “purpose” and staying true to their values. I believe in Authentic Leadership and help to create these leaders in a world where authenticity struggles.  

Areas of Expertise & Interest

  • Communication

  • Self-awareness 

  • Leadership development


My purpose is to create ripples in the world with everyone I encounter.


Describe your background in veterinary medicine: 

My background in Veterinary Medicine is purely personal. I have experienced the application of my then boyfriend into OVC, acceptance/graduation, first position, first partnership, exiting partnership, and now a new business venture. I have been a business and life partner throughout. Our oldest son has applied to the Ontario Veterinary College. My coaching is almost exclusively with veterinarians, practice managers and support staff. The 25 plus years in the industry have provided me with unique insight into the highs and lows the profession offers and working with Oculus has allowed me to help veterinary professionals navigate their lives, careers and businesses to a more fulfilling place.


What has been your most satisfying day or event working with a client?

I have had so many satisfying days working as a coach in this industry. It is so deeply rewarding when clients have the realization that they have a choice. When Clients realize they are not spectators in their lives and choose to live fully as a person and a professional. It is freeing.


What do you wish most veterinary practices would start doing?

I really wish they would start communicating authentically with one another. Cohesive teams are made with honest dialogue working in the best interests of the client and the business.


What do you wish most veterinary practices would stop doing?

I wish they would stop thinking that being profitable and successful is bad or dishonourable.


What do you do to relax?

I love to play golf and garden. Maybe South Western Ontario weather is not conducive to my relaxation!


What is a secret skill you have?

It has been said that I make people feel very at ease. I create trust and relationships easily.